We Fight Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplaces of Wisconsin

A sexual harassment claim usually involves a history of ongoing workplace comments, experiences and requests for sexual favors. If you believe that you are experiencing repeated sexual harassment in your job, it is important for you to keep correct workplace documentation, including emails, text messages, dates of experiences, and so on. All of this documentation can be used as strong evidence against your employer in your sexual harassment case.

HELP provides tools to help you keep a record of harassment.

If you haven’t kept this documentation, don’t worry. We work with computer specialists, legal experts and investigators to subpoena documents, email, medical records, and more. We are experienced attorneys, and we never back away from anything, no matter how great the challenge.

Sexual harassment can make you feel very threatened and afraid both for yourself and for your job. Each day when you come into work, you can be stressed and worried about what you might go through or what you may be asked. Sexual harassment can involve a long list of offenses such as:

  • Lewd comments
  • Sexual jokes
  • Quid pro quo
  • Innuendos
  • Requested sexual favors
  • Sexist behaviors
  • Sexting
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Workplace bullying

There are many, many employees who are suffering from workplace sexual harassment and discrimination, but they are suffering alone because they are afraid to go against their employer in court.

When you are harassed at work and you want to stop the harassment, you could be worried about losing the respect of your fellow employees or even of losing your job. However, don’t worry — harassment in the workplace is never your fault. It is illegal, and your employer knows it. With the lawyers of H.E.L.P. – Heins Employment Law PracticeLaw Office on your side, you will not have to suffer in silence any longer.

While trying to stop a history of sexual harassment within your workplace may seem like too much of a challenge for you, we can help you take on your employer. All of our experienced attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of employees in the workplace, and we will never back down from a challenge, no matter how powerful your opponent might be.

We have the legal experience, knowledge and resources to handle your sexual harassment claim. We will work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure you get the justice and the settlement that you deserve. For a free initial consultation with one of our Milwaukee workplace harassment attorneys, call us toll free at 866-241-8444.

Are you experiencing sexual harassment at work? Have you been overwhelmed by sexual advanced or lewd jokes? Let us know. We can help. We are the largest employee only employee harassment law firm in the state of Wisconsin.

If you feel threatened or frightened by what you are going through in your workplace due to sexual harassment, requests for sexual favors or unwelcome touching, you can rely on our skillful lawyers to fight for you. We have experience dealing with a number of sexual harassment cases, including claims involving all of the types of harassment listed above.

Wisconsin’s Men Can Also Suffer From Sexual Harassment

The majority of sexual harassment cases do involved women, but even though sexual harassment is often only thought of as an offense against women, men are just as likely to be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Many men feel embarrassed and cannot bring themselves to come forward with the appropriate allegations against their employees. But undergoing sexual harassment is nothing that you need to feel ashamed about when you talk with us. You can trust our experienced employment law attorneys to guide you through the legal process, inform you of your rights and protect you.

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